The Bronx – VI review

“One more time, your shitty few-cha!” screeched Matt Caughthran, The Bronx’s leather-throated singer on Shitty Future, one of the (Many) standout tunes from the LA quintet’s second album, II. This was in 2006, so maybe his clair voyancy was already switched on like he was a writer for The Simpsons, but nothing makes better for good punk than bad times – and the twenties haven’t exactly been a cultural oasis so far.

More the better then that their sixth album has been held back for almost two years due a disease that’s proved the human race is as collectively dumb as it ever was. Putting down their sombreros (The band’s alter ego is Mariachi El Bronx – look it up) now we have a weapon to take out our frustrations with, full of fire-catching sparks and just about controlled aggression: the anti-government Breaking News should be on some sort of FBI Most Wanted list.

More impressively even though straight up punk rock is what they do better than pretty much anyone else on this spinning ball of mud and water, they’ve diversified. Songs like Peace Pipe and Participation Trophy are enough to convince anybody that even though a kick in the ass is great, a trip to the other side of the galaxy with them is just as groovy. Matt Caughthran isn’t Nostradamus, but it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see your next few weeks will mostly consist of getting your block knocked off by this wow of a record. Shitty? far from it.

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  1. The Bronx is another band I’m not familiar with (how in the fuck can I call myself a music blogger!), and yet again, your stellar review on Live4ever compelled me to give ‘Bronx VI’ a listen. And I have to agree with your high score of 9/10, as it’s truly fantastic!

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