100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s #29 Super Furry Animals – Something 4 the Weekend

Released : 1996

In a time when success was partially earned by showing you were part of something, the Super Furry Animals privately oscillated between wanting to seriously up Britpop’s ante or destroy it; in typical fashion however the Welsh quintet couldn’t ever really make their minds up which.

On their debut album Fuzzy Logic they threw some of the same ingredients as their supposed peers into the mix, but whilst everything else was turning out all Ray Davies, the resulting noise was more Syd Barret transplanted into the head of Marc Bolan. A glorious career of not fitting in had begun.

Fuzzy Logic‘s cover was an homage to the notorious (Depending on your perspective) drug smuggler Howard Marks, but Something 4 the Weekend was full of narcotics references of a different kind, singer Gruff Rhys‘ lyrics also including a reference to boxer George Foreman talking about vices which he claimed ran to “Fast women and slow horses”. Musically the song’s energy was all helter skelter, with a breathless verse followed by an ornate chorus and seemingly no time for messing around under someone else’s cloud. Like much of their work over the next fifteen years give or take, it was a glorious, unique case of mistaken identity.


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