Robin Guthrie Mockingbird Love EP review

It’s taken some thinking time by former Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie to be sure, but after obsessively making new music for nobody’s ears but his own, Mockingbird Love is he says effectively a teaser for material due in the next few months which he’s deemed good enough for ours.

Having worked with the late Harold Budd on his final album Another Flower, Guthrie’s next project is a raft of solo work as the next chapter in a post-Cocteaus life which has included forming Violet Indiana and after that releasing collaborative albums with the likes of John Foxx and Ride‘s Mark Gardener. 

Mockingbird Love‘s quartet of instrumentals each offer a different perspective on a genre which is often misunderstood by outsiders as being texturally narrow; most diverting are the distinctly Twin Peaks sounding My Courtesan and Eight East’s lush ambient country. A tempting dot on the near horizon waits.

You can read a full review here.

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