La Luz – La Luz review

Come to LA they said. Play some rock n’ roll they said.

Originally formed in Seattle, La Luz’s singer Shana Cleveland subsequently found herself drawn to Los Angeles, saying “To me it seems like a place that encourages…mysticism and open-mindedness”.

LA has many other qualities too, but it’s sometimes ethereal weirdness has played a part in each of the now trio’s albums to date, of which this latest eponymous outing is the fourth. Inspired by wispy surf guitars and incorporating layers of atmosphere in the past, a promise of being slightly more grounded preceded it, but in truth they don’t stray too far from a retro-kitsch bubble made out of waves and graves.

If you like that you’ll love this, from the big riffing opener In The Country to Oh, Blue’s winsome harmonies and bouffant charm. There is some experimentation, with I Won’t Hesitate and Walking Down The Street hitching a ride on the pure pop rocket and instrumental Yuba Rot giving strangeness a chance, but whilst La Luz is good at what it does, you’re left waiting for a big wave that never comes.

You can read a full review here.

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