Pip Blom – Welcome Break review

From Amsterdam, Pip Blom’s British naturalisation would seem to be well on the way to being complete. Their follow up to 2019’s Boat is named after a motorway service station brand – presumably in recognition of the sort of back-of-a-van touring which the island’s geography makes possible – and it was recorded in Ramsgate, the Kentish seaside town sometimes referred to as the Broadstairs of the south.

Their apparent love for sausage rolls and expensive fuel is more likely a result of making music which fits most neatly into the guitar centric flow of what was once indie, for which there remains a public affinity across the country’s toilet circuit. What began as a solo project in 2013 has gradually morphed into a fully fledged band, with Blom even sharing vocal duties on Welcome Break her brother, Tender.

Speaking in the build up to Welcome Break‘s release she’s spoken about writing with a darker undertow than previously and both 12 and I Know I’m Not Easy To Like make a satisfyingly heavier noise than expected. Largely though these are superior, if a little trite, songs about breaking up (It Should Have Been Fun) and breaking up (Easy) and breaking up (Trouble In Paradise). At least they’ll always have Newport Pagnell.

You can read a full review here.

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