100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s #21 Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart

Released : 1990

A song that transcends itself? How very nineties. Created from New York’s East Village party scene, Deee-Lite looked like an explosion in a thrift shop but sounded like they’d been transported via laser beam from some future past. The trio – DJ Dmitri, Lady Miss Kier and Towa Tei – also had a cartoon sheen to their style and spirit, but like a day-glo Saint Etienne, mined the sixties and seventies to make the new decade sound fabulous.

Featuring guest appearances from Bootsy Collins, the Horny Horns of Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker, Q-Tip and Herbie Hancock by way of sampling Bring Down the Birds, Groove Is In The Heart felt almost too big to fail. Not that was ever a possibility, as the song carpet bombed every square inch of radio, MTV and clubland like some funky house steamroller.

The song’s real magic however was in being all things to all people. If you needed one, it was a global dance anthem, the decade’s first; but if you wanted pop, it was all that too. In the process of being for a short time it both defined and eclipsed both, a righteous shot of happiness and unity which lives on in the museum of the mind today.

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