Snail Mail – Valentine review

If your late teenage years typically mean finding out who you are, your early twenties are often spent coming to terms with what that actually means. This process is as different as people, but for Lindsey Jordan it meant navigating a maze of problems there was no instruction manual for.

Having as Snail Mail released her first EP Habit in 2016 whilst still at high school, it’s follow up Lush was written in the sometimes anti-climactic fug of post-graduation, although it’s lo-fi resonance appealed to fans of Soccer Mommy, Phoebe Bridgers and Japanese Breakfast.

Valentine was partially written after an enforced stay at her parents house and composed through learning new things, both about instrumentation and the singer says of herself. On Headlock synths and brass roll over a lyric about obsession, whilst the title track is an unexpectedly muscular rock out. At the centre though is Forever (Sailing), a disco ballad of icy splendour. Growing up is hard to do. That’s it. That’s the closing line.

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