Thyla – Thyla review

It’s become a pretty familiar tale: band forms, gains momentum and airplay, gets set for their shot at the big time and..everything grinds to a pandemic related halt. This chain of events has hit groups – who can’t simply record everything on a laptop and upload it to somewhere ten minutes later – the hardest, Thyla being yet another one of them.

In fairness to the Brighton trio they’ve had enough faith in their end product not be too phased, Singer Mille Duthie explaining that ‘The social contract has been broken – and now our music and what we write about makes even more sense.”

There’s an argument that making sense seems more pointless than ever, but their eponymous debut neatly fuses indie, dream pop and shoegaze, with Gum, Kin and Rabbit Hole all interesting enough to merit comparisons to Wolf Alice. The latter they say reflects the philosophy that in the search for knowledge “the further you go, the crazier and more unintelligible it gets”. It’s a lesson we’re all learning.

You can read the full review here.

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