The Boo Radleys – Keep On With Falling Review

To put the length of the Boo Radleys absence from the music industry into context, when their last album Kingsize was released Tony Blair’s Labour government was in it’s first term and Seinfeld had only just taken it’s final bow. Perhaps just as importantly, 1998 was the first post-Britpop year, an era which although short lived had been very good to the Liverpudlians, largely through the success of the ubiquitous mega hit Wake Up Boo!

Call this a revival? Well, more of a slow dance. Now a trio – Boo writer Martin Carr has been pursuing a solo career for a long time – a four track EP A Full Syringe And Memories of You was released in 2021, the overriding impression of which was very much a band trying to restore long abandoned muscle memory.

Keep On With Falling however goes a long way to proving it as a stepping stone. Whilst they’re now happiest it seems with indie tags, lyrically they deal with subjects like addiction, euthanasia and a disavowal of religion here, serious people having lived their experiences. Maybe not a Father’s Day present for Uncle Alan then, but the veterans can still rip out a great tune, as the title track, opener I’ve Had Enough I’m Out and I Say A Lot Of Things all demonstrate. The Boo Radleys it seems are now officially a thing again.

You can read a full review here


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