TV Priest – My Other People review

TV Priest aren’t the first band to feel some disorientation at the pandemic fame process, which ran a little differently due to many factors nobody could’ve legislated for. Released in 2019 their first single House of York had the effect of catapulting them into a deal with the venerabale Sub Pop label, and their subsequent debut Uppers won them plaudits for it’s frequent bursts of coruscating rawness.

The rest felt a bit less like fame; singer Charlie Drinkwater encountered familial issues and then mental health problems as a result that left him later apologising to his bandmates; when they took the record out to play live, the whole process had a feeling of unreality.

My Other People was written because rather than in spite of these experiences. In spots darker than it’s predecessor, Drinkwater’s voice and their post-punk muscle recalls Protomartyr, or maybe Evan Dando left to his own devices for too long. On it Bury Me In My Shoes, I Am Safe Here And It Was A Gift all keep them in a visceral space they’ve carved out in spite of everything the last few years has thrown at them; it’s one that proves there’s no set blueprint for making art from adversity, a thing to be thankful for.

You can read a full review here.

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