Weekender #1 – Arctic Monkeys : Favourite Worst Nightmare

All your bags are packed, you’re ready to go – right? Weekends are the time for shaking off the grind and getting going somewhere – anywhere – away from the week, escaping into escapism. And music.

In the first of a series looking at albums which can make Saturday and Sunday more than just days of the week, take a new look and listen to the Sheffield quartet’s bid for world domination, Favourite Worst Nightmare.

Oh how we loved them; looking good on the dance floor, changing when the sun went down, that bit in Riot Van which summed up the thoughts of an entire class by asking “Is there a certain age you’re suposed to be?” Blazing out of cyberspace with a few demos and the fate of British guitar music in their teenage hands, the Arctic Monkeys took their work serious, like, threading ravers and white van men together in a way few had been called to before and even less ended up being chosen for.

Favourite Worst Nightmare had everything stacked against it, from a sceptical public to the scar tissue caused by the legions of third rate indie landfill outfits they and The Libertines had unwittingly spawned in their wake.  This of course made it good that it was so good, but there’s an art to bridging the gap whilst breaking a mould, a magical sweetspot Turner & co. bullseye here repeatedly.

So play it long, play it loud – Favourite Worst Nightmare is a definitely a weekender.

You can play the album on Spotify here and read the original review here

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