The March Roundup

March is always an exciting month in music, as along comes a whole clutch of releases in what is regarded as one of the optimal times to bring out a new record. Timing wise it’s more than possible to feature in the end of year polls, whilst thankfully the charts have been cleared of novelty trinkets and lazy best ofs.

A definite candidate for featuring high up the critics lists come the end of the year are The Orielles, a trio from Halifax whose debut Silver Dollar Moment sparkles with sophisticated, literate characters and funk soaked indie guitars. Another well-regarded first album is Anna Burch’s Quit The Curse, a collection of songs about love taken largely from a weary observer’s perspective.

There’s no shortage of great music around, from post-punk quintet Cabbage’s magnetic Post Nihilistic Glamour Shots to John Grant’s star turn in Creep Show. Added to that, The Boxer Rebellion’s Ghost Alive was eloquent proof that stripping back a band’s sound isn’t just a byword for making parlour rock.

You can find a great selection of material from these and other artists on this month’s playlist, a collection which should make you feel that Spring time is finally on the way here on Britain.

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