Introducing April’s Playlist – UPDATED

There’s never been a more diverse playlist than this month’s – and now it’s been updated with a gob-smakcing 19 new tracks, from big names like Florence & The Machine, Beach House and the ever-reliable Manic Street Preachers to ancient punks The Damned, with additionally some fine hip-hop (Pac Div) fine indie (Nightflowers, Stonefield) and fine techno (Daniel Avery).

In fact, it’s all fine. The list can found here.

April is traditonally the month where we take stock and ask ourselves “Where the hell did a third of the year go?”. There’s no time for regret for the resolutions you broke mid-afternoon on January 2nd here though. Instead, why not have more brand spanking new music from the likes  of indie comebackers The Vaccines, country star Kacey Musgraves, or The Weeknd.

As well as these relatively well known outfits there’s a clutch of great hip-hop this month from Czarface’s colab with MF Doom, DJ Esco and Curren$y, some gorgeous lo-fi Orielles-esque strum courtesy of The Shack’s Birds and anyone with a vague affection for Kraftwerk could do much worse than take a listen to former Throbbing Gristler Chris Carter’s Blissters.

You can find the list here, with much more to come.

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