Father John Misty – God’s Favourite Customer Review

Featuring on the cover photo for his new album, Josh Tillman looks like a visual metaphor for his last one; Pure Comedy was adored by most critics, double Grammy nominated, single Grammy winning (Much to his belated disdain) and a tidal wave of in or out of character self-indulgence, depending on who or what you believe.

Just as the dust was settling on that he found himself in a New York hotel post break up and channelling the inevitable dual emotional ciphers of loss and optimism into God’s Favourite Customer.

Perhaps the dose of humility which always when pride is messed after a fall is our loss; gone is Pure Comedy’s rambling, almost endless diatribes about how everything is so sucky when no-one apparently quality-tests your music, replaced by signs through the fog of a songwriter finally coming from the heart.

The man on God’s Favourite Customer is still hard to empathise with,  but at least he feels a little human again. If Tillman is ever able to deal with the rawness of his own conscience as opposed to reflecting himself through a fictional others, he may create with it one of the greatest records of all time.

You can read the full review here (A new window will open).

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