Let’s Eat Grandma – I’m All Ears Review

In an era where the young – especially young women – are being systematically gaslighted into the stentorian obedience of the Victorians the weird and the strange is always to be appreciated. Society has transformed two generations now into open receivers, always on and waiting to be sold something or other that they don’t need, treating adults perpetually like three-year olds and then complaining bitterly when they reach out to us in confusion for help.

Norfolk teenagers Rosa Hollingsworth and Jenny Todd’s choice of band name and their conscious early image – the possessed grown up twins of the Overlook – spoke to a pair who hadn’t yet been schooled in the suffocating normality of British culture. Their debut album I, Gemini rifled through the costumes of Kate Bush and Patti Smith and was refreshingly unlike almost anything else like it in 2016.

Now they return with I’m All Ears, a follow-up which in many ways is barely related to it revealing a progression for songwriters now operating at a level of nuance well beyond their still tender years. In places superior, sophisticated pop, it’s two vast, rambling travelogues Cool & Collected and Donnie Darko turn preconceptions of lower common denominators into birdsong and reveal a duo sharing a singular talent for being understandable and opaque at the same time.

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