Let’s Eat Grandma – Two Ribbons review

Without doubt it’s the hard experiences that shape our lives definitively as opposed to the good; such is the way humans seem to be built, agony leaveing more permanent scars than short term joy. Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth have been inseparable since the age of four and began writing music before they were teenagers – they eventually named themselves Let’s Eat Grandma and some of those ideas eventually made their 2016 debut I, Gemini one of the most idiosyncratic first bows of the last decade.

When they followed that up with the more outward looking and critically adored I’m All Ears in 2018 everything on the outside seemed to be near perfect. But the pair’s closeness meant that when their relationship began to strain, they noticed acutely, even if few others did. Walton moved to London, but Hollingworth found herself dealing with more than a broken frame as her close friend Billy Clayton lost a four year battle with cancer. Understandably, careers went on hold.

Two Ribbons addresses these fundamental shifts with a remarkable maturity and confidence and serves as a reaffirmation of their mutual bond. Opener Happy New Year and tracks like Levitation place this attitude in a positive, club-ready context, bubbling synths and declarations of love as olive branches from one to the other. There are understandably moments of poignance – Watching You Go traces round the left over emotions after Clayton’s death – but the title track is a rousing acoustic finale that offers the prospect of healing. It seems that every so often you just need to let the bad times roll.

You can read a full review here.

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