Teleman – Family of Aliens review

The recent mid-noughties indie landfill revival didn’t feature much love for the toothy charms of Pete and The Pirates; part of a scene which had little filter, their dissolution sat somewhere between The Rumble Strips and Little Man Tate on the oh dear, how sad scale of uncaringness.

Some of P&TP have ended up in Teleman, a by order of magnitude worthier project that blends synth pop, krautrock vintage electronica into something far more interesting than the ingredients sound.

Their third album, Family of Aliens sees principal songwriter Thomas Sanders reflecting on both absurdities of modern British life and the craggy rollercoaster of a failed loved affair. Again, the whole is supremely greater than its parts, the quartet’s focus on cranium annexing melodies and Sanders’ wistful, Alexis Taylor-esque voice resulting in a record that’s as listenable as it’s disarmingly melancholy.

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