Alt-J – REDUXER review

Wait…Alt-J doing a hip-hop flavoured remix album? the Alt-J Pitchfork fame, purveyors of backpacker Radiohead alternative rock working with the likes of Pusha-T and Danny Brown?

If this doesn’t quite scan, it’s still real. and large parts of REDUXER – a series of collaborations based on the trio’s healthy selling third album RELAXER- are actually pretty real, sounding if not exactly like Lil’ Wayne then certainly less like Wayne from the cereal cafe who might normally, y’know, dig Alt-J.

REDUXER is as bold in practice as the concept sounds, with Brown especially helping turn what could’ve ended up as a more than awkward journey into hipster project management into a viable work that should extend the band’s appeal well beyond it’s current footprint. It’s not always that on point, but that feels almost like a deliberate act, a breaking of things and leaving them carelessly un-fixed to live closer to the edge.

You can read the full review here.


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