Best Albums of 2018 #18 MewithoutYou – (Untitled)

Raised in a family setting that defined conventions, Michael and Aaron Weiss have steered MewithoutYou through almost two decades of judgement and publicly-held misconceptions about their music and beliefs; leaping to conclusions is after all the 21st century’s default.

Whether consciously or not (Untitled) in it’s juxtapositions, at one moment throttling up into post-hardcore carousels and bubbling with unspent rawness as with opener 9:27a.m/27/9 or by contrast dowsed in hearts-to-the-wheel melancholy on Winter Solstice, draws the Philadelphians into even more ambiguous, quarrelsome territory than before.

Followed by a small(ish) knot of zealots with belief systems like a being inside a bear hug, it’s not easy to view MewithoutYou dispassionately when they make records like this, as near to perfect distillation of their compelled mysticism as they’ve ever made; (Untitled) sounds different each listen, but in the cold light of day it’s the perfect record with which to commute with a modern god, a relationship filled with angst, ecstasy, pain and mistrust. In short, it’s a revelation.