Best Albums of 2018 #16 The Internet – Hive Mind

21st century love; all or nothing, me or you, out in the open or hidden way below. In a time where even expression of the most trivial of opinions can be the cue for thousands of strangers to tear it to shreds, The Internet have made a record all about love, one that with subtle avenues and pockets of tenderness that work as refreshers of the mind, body and spirit.

Following on from the Grammy-nominated Ego Death could’ve posed it’s own problems for the quintet who began in the then-notorious Odd Future stable, but Hive Mind is quite simply their best effort yet, filled with affectionate nods to soul, jazz and funk but as tightly on-groove as possible. Vocalist Syd remains also a fascinating singer, cooing gently on the gentlest of sex jams Hold On or posing grittier questions on Come Over.

But Hive Mind’s real strength is in the collective’s talent for collaborating on a record that, even at almost an hour long, has precisely zero filler and gives the impression of being so effortless in it’s construction. Love has never been so easier to fall head over heels for.