Best Albums of 2018 #10 Wild Beasts – Last Night All My Dreams Came True

It’s rare that you get to choose the terms of your own exit; in the case of Wild Beasts it’s one from being themselves, at least from the identity Hayden Thorpe, Ben Little, Chris Talbot and Tom Fleming have collectively shared since relocating from rural Kendal to Leeds before the release of theur debut album Limbo, Panto in June 2008.

Formed partially as an antidote to the lumpen aesthetics of the indie landfill wave that followed the genre’s mid-noughties revival, the quartet forged a career in which they set about stereotypes, whether it was by exploring their weaknesses, or equally by living inside them, revelling in the confusion of the twenty first century’s ideas of masculine and feminine.

And then last September they announced a permanent split, citing amongst many other reasons a fear that they’d “Become the band we’d objected to being” by adopting some of the nuances of the “Hyper-masculine” rock demagogues they’d initially set themselves up to challenge.

Last Night All My Dreams Came True is a thirteen song retrospective recorded like at RAK Studios, nothing as trite as a greatest songs collection, more a pinpointing of their mood as they say farewell at final curtain gigs in London and Manchester.

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