Bombay Bicycle Club – I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose Live At Brixton review

Sometimes you just have to be reminded that you’re more loved than you think you are. Bombay Bicycle Club emerged from the post indie landfill era at roughly the same time as the likes of Yeasayer and Wild Beasts, acts presenting a slightly more cerebral and multi-faceted take on life and love than house parties on the Playstation and skaggy weekends in Margate.

They took some critical lumps at the start too, having graduated from high school and straight into the world of rock n’ roll; that I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose was such an assured debut album considering it was written by teenagers was all the rebuttal it needed to be though.

In the eleven years since it’s release the quartet eventually slipped into solo projects and a hiatus, but their return, marked by a sold out gig at Brixton’s Academy in 2019 captured here, proved there were still many takers for songs to which history has since added a thick extra layer of emotional resonance. True, the by tracklist, in order format was tired years ago, but what makes this deluxe bootleg so listenable is the dynamism of the crowd, participants who’re as invested in a show as any you’ll hear.

Everything changes over time, but just because you can’t hear the memories being sent to you doesn’t mean you’re not remembered.

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