Introducing January’s Playlist – Updated

Update 12.01.19

Now with added Weezer, Sharon Van Etten, Ladytron, Bring Me To The Horizon and much. much more, including an achingly cool new song from Balthazar, a wonderful blast of LSD fuelled chillwave from Houses and Steve Gunn out Marr-ing Jonny on the very Smiths like gem Vagabond.

The two hours plus list can be found here.

Is it that time again? Have you promised to re-up that gym membership yet again? Be nice to small children and animals? Stay sober for thirty one whole days (And nights)?.

Yeah, right. But just before you break all those resolutions into a thousand tiny pieces here’s the soundtrack to the new year, including The Dandy Warhols, White Lies, Aesop Rock, Steve Mason, Deerhunter and – sooner or later – many,  many more.

You can find the list next to your failing willpower, here: January 2019 Playlist.


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