C Duncan returns with new album, “Health”

Scottish multi instrumentalist Christopher Duncan has announced the release of his third album, Health, which will be available from March 29th. Mercury nominated for his 2015 debut Architect, the classically trained singer-songwriter ventured into a studio for this latest project after previously recording at home. On the subject he said “This was the biggest shift in dynamic for me… having always worked alone, it was a daunting prospect but one I knew I had to explore”.

The album is preceded by new single Impossible, a bubbling slice of synth pop that’s a marked departure in sound compared to the layered and atmospheric neo-folk of the past. It’s been added to the January playlist and you can listen for yourself below:

Health Tracklisting:
1. Talk Talk Talk
2. Wrong Side of the Door
3. Impossible
4. He Came From The Sun
5. Holiday Home
6. Health
7. Somebody Else’s Home
8. Blasé
9. Reverie
10. Pulses & Rain
11. Stuck Here With You
12. Care

Image: C Duncan live at Opporto, Leeds in 2015. Copyright Arctic Reviews.

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