Unloved – Heartbreak review

In terms of one way obsessions few can match the one this century continues to have with the 1960’s: in the Western world at least it never seems like you’re more than a few moments away from the Swinging London, Hippie San Francisco or the smell of Parisian teargas.

Unloved are more familiar to you than perhaps you might think, a duo of Jade Vincent and Keefus Ciancia, they provided the musical backdrop to the recent TV hit series Killing Eve and as if to underline their cinematic credentials further they’re joined on Heartbreak by David Holmes, the Irish maverick DJ-artist turned producer who isn’t we now know on James Murphy’s Christmas card list.

Together they list their influences as 60’s girl groups, French pop, film noir, Brigitte Fontaine, Shuggie Otis, George ‘Shadow’ Morton, Bruno Nicolai and Lee Hazlewood – the latter who seems to be a passion du jour for many these days – and the resulting mix is a jet black swirl of cabaret pop, fetid beats and sordid infidelity playing into a swirl of nightmarish atmospherics.

Vincent spends the titular opening track sounding like a bubblegum angel who keeps finding a cast of devils, whilst Love is a blast of primordial, early rock and roll energy the likes of which has been long-lost to the archives. It’s not the time machine so many seem to long for, but Heartbreak is tremendous, psychotic fun nontheless.

You can read the full review here.

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