Steve Mason – Live in Leeds review

Sure enough whenever The Beta Band were ever faced with stick or twist during their elliptical, art-terrorist tenure they chose neither, preferring the anarchy of fate and self-destruction.

For their former front man Steve Mason the choices have always been more nuanced, the scorched earths of the past now fading memories. The Scot’s new album About The Light continues the journey from former renegade to fully rounded songwriter, a collection full of brass, soul and heart, one which the sold out Leeds crowd greets in it’s almost complete running order like the latest chapter in a long running story they never get tired of.

A man who never wanted to be anyone’s hero is also nobody’s fool; played live as it was meant to be, About The Light is warm, bold and righteous, a warm hug against the snowy pavements outside.

You can read a full review here.

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