Stealing Sheep – Big Wows review

It’s easy to be afraid of the all consuming vacuum of pop music, especially when you’ve carved yourself an admittedly small but successful niche as something else; Liverpudlian trio Stealing Sheep were happy in the beginning as an alt-folk band in a similar guise to Let’s Eat Grandma.

There is however an obvious inflexibility to the hurdy-gurdy, what with you not being to program it whilst on a train and in the wider genre itself, the obviously retro aesthetic one which hipsters tend to pick up and put down at will.

The final chapter into a transformation which sees the trio take up an electronic berth in similar waters to city-mates Ladytron, Big Wows is an acerbic take on modern culture, played out with hooky, sophisticated electronic tunes best delivered on Show Love and Why Haven’t I. Of course, the dulcimer is still at the back of the cupboard if required…

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