100 Best Songs of the 2010’s #78 The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

Released : 2010

Fewer bands have excelled more at turning ambiguity into an art form than The National: long before the are where polarisation of opinion on everything is the norm, they’ve straddled the lines of our conscience with a deft skill.

Bloodbuzz Ohio was adopted by the Obama administration in 2012, but Matt Beringer has always insisted that this was by luck rather than a desire to identify. A song about the wafer thin margins which seperate the American dream from the nightmare, it’s everything about The National so many people admire, from the singer’s rusty, age-worn vocals to the quiet tension which gradually builds across the contours.



      1. I did something similar for the 1980s on an old blog. I know exactly how consuming it can be. But I love making lists…


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