Blood Orange – Angel’s Pulse review

Dev Hynes is one of those people who see no real dividing line between work and play: whether at home in New York, back in London or in a hotel room somewhere around the world, he’s constantly making music which in some cases ends up just being stuff his friends get to hear.

This restlessness is our gain as it means there are projects, albums, collaborations and in the case of Angel’s Pulse, mix tapes enough to keep satisfying our ongoing curiosity in a mercurial talent. The point of this chosen format though is in it’s experimentation, which means that despite having the tag of being a companion release to 2018’s Negro Swan, there’s a license to be more adventurous, which Hynes consciously accepts.

Angel’s Pulse works because of it’s lack of structure, a sometimes feverish need to keep moving through dreamy analogues (Opener I Wanna C U),  hip-hop (Gold Teeth) and alt-folk (Berlin), as well as a number of other musical outposts. Despite being lumbered with some of the most awful album artwork of 2019, it’s all too good to be stuck on a hard drive somewhere.

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