Belle & Sebastian – Days of The Bagnold Summer OST review

Days of The Bagnold Summer is a soundtrack album with a difference: based on Joff Winterhearts’ bittersweet graphic novel, the film’s director Simon Bird is a huge Belle & Sebastian fan, hence the Glasgow group’s involvement.

Bird’s encyclopedic knowledge of the band’s extensive back catalogue led to him suggesting a handful of revivals from their archive – Get Me Away From Here (I’m Dying), I Know Where The Summer Goes and Safety Valve, the latter never having been released until now.

Band leader Stuart Murdoch has admitted that the format has allowed them to be less precise in their approach to songwriting, but there are still moments of their typically  delicate and melodic charm in Sister Bhudda and Did The Day Go Just Like You Wanted?

Ultimately however Days of The Bagnold Summer spends a little bit too much time trapped in indecision about whether it’s a project or an album. Lost In the hinterland somewhere between the two, it ends up being a curio which will, if nothing else, satisfy their existing fans completely.

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