LIFE – A Picture of Good Health Review

Follow the wrong people on social media for long enough and they’ll eventually get round to talking about art: some will tell you flatly that it belongs to elitism and therefore is null and void, others that it serves no purpose unless it can also function as entertainment.

Brothers Mez (Vocals) and Mick (Guitars) are fifty percent of LIFE but also youth workers in their home city of Hull, a duality which offers them an up close view of what happens the nation’s most vulnerable are dispossessed by those who’re meant to offer them protection. A Picture of Good Health doesn’t however take the easy route of being about their stories, more the duo’s own experiences over a turbulent six month period.

This is what makes good art: in your face, uncompromising, unreconstructed punk rock savvy with a swagger, there to corrupt, educate, replicate the feelings of being on an emotional front line. At times – the propulsive, nervous tilt of Half Pint Fatherhood or Bum Hour’s louche, new wave funk –  it’s a wild ride that promises to flip at any time, but peaking with the so-2019 Moral Fibre, A Picture of Good Health is like being at a disco in the best gallery you’ve never been to.

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