Career Opportunities : LIFE @ Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

There was some controversy recently over a former soap star being “job-shamed” by a tabloid newspaper. What the story revealed was both the deeply held prejudices of some newspaper editors against those in the arts and society’s bizarre 21st century take on the price of leisure and existence.

In conversation before their gig at Leeds’ Hyde Park Book Club, LIFE drummer Stu has a firm handle on the subject. “We met someone recently who told us they were ashamed to admit they had a job, as well as being a musician. We told them they should be proud of it, because it means they’re working twice as hard as a lot of other people”.

The Hull quartet are in good spirits: both Stu and singer Mez have recently just left their old employment to take the band full time and their second release A Picture of Good Health (Rated as September’s best album) has cemented their reputation as whip-smart observationists with a bagful of great tunes.

Mez agrees that it’s an affirmation of what’s a more complete vision of the band’s ideals: “We just tried to make the best record we can make and really proud of this one. The fact that people love it and have really found themselves within it is great to see”.

Later on stage the decision to go for it seems totally vindicated, their show a charged but consciously fun experience designed to leave casual punters and members of the bubbling pit at the front equally satisfied. As they pound through the manically charged Moral Fibre and Popular Music being self employed has never looked better.

Read the full interview and gig review here.


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