100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #46 Charles Watson – Voices Carry Through The Mist

Released: 2018

It seemed hardly worth talking about when Charles Watson – one half of indie duo Slow Club – retooled Voices Carry Through The Mist, originally released in 2017 by another of his offshoot projects The Surfing Magazines.

The first version had been a gritty, if unremarkable four minutes of blues rock which lacked any real direction, but Watson had the sense to open his subsequent debut solo album Now That I’m A River with something quite, quite different.

Drenched in layer on layer of California Dreamin’ atmospheres and with more than a hint of period Neil Young, Voices Carry Through The Mist is a long drive down a night time road; the summer’s over, but Watson can’t quite shake that feeling of watching and being watched in turn, the haunting, delicate vibes swirling around the last he may ever hear.


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