100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #40 Mac Miller ft. Ab Soul – Two Matches

Released : 2015

They reckon everyone has the power of prophecy, even if it’s only a flash, like a light which flickers once in the dark which is then snuffed out. It’s too lazy to point out that Malcolm McCormick was open both to his untimely death and the creative possibility of life: these were recurring themes in his music and lyrics from the very earliest stages of his fame.

Two Matches finds the Pittsburgher kicking back, counting the scars left by fame, of the brutality of the circus lifestyle and it’s walking wounded, in which he includes himself. “May this lifetime be the time of your life” he drawls over a jazzy loop and almost hidden snare, all the while contemplating the painful reality that money is only a help to those who put it on a pedestal above everything else.  Eventually the future would catch up with him.

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