FEET – What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham review

Look, sometimes you just have to go with it. FEET’s debut album has some of the worst cover art of 2019, but thankfully for them the days of people buying music based on  4AD/Factory-type design aesthetics are largely gone. That the five piece from Coventry have then compounded the in-joke feel of What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham by theming the titular song about love between hot dogs is also funny right enough, but equally points to a career affecting lack of f*cks being given.

If you’re still reading, the good news is that underneath what you sense is a wickedly playful liking for a wind up, the quintet’s loose-limbed racket is a joyful dissection of British absurdity, from being spied on by sniffy neighbours whilst out with your dog to accidentally necking diesel purifier.

Somethimes trippy, sometimes snappy and always snarky, What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham at it’s best – the spidery funk of English Weather, Wiggy Pop’s dessicated country, the indie thrash of Ad Blue – grooves on early Happy Mondays and The Libertines, whilst still standing very much on it’s own two…FEET.

See what happened there?

Read the full review here.


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