100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #37 Burial – Loner

Released : 2012

William Bevan broke his cover years ago, but still remains a shadow figure on the edges of British music. Having released two hugely acclaimed albums in the wake of dubstep’s rise from South London’s forbidding sink estates, he’s spent the decade collaborating and releasing sporadically, keeping his circle tighter that wire over skin.

Loner is in many ways Burial at it’s most orthodox, a chilly slice of almost funereal techno which mercilessly reveals the 4am ghosts that stalk past our windows when we’re tucked up in the endless hours of paranoid sub-sleep of insomnia. It’s an entry point to a musical farscape littered with wreckage and broken things, a gateway to a highly immersive world it’s creator rarely leaves.


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