Grimes – Miss Anthropocene review

So many artists who find fame end up missing what they never had, but Claire Boucher seems to be in a permanent state of transition, or perhaps more accurately, no state at all.

Five years since previous album Art Angels took her from peripheral indie-dom to discerning centre stages, the artist sometimes known as Grimes nows disavows it as a “Stain on my life”, amongst troubles with British label 4AD. Miss Anthropocene will be the last she makes with them.

In amongst a blizzard of posts, nudges, hints and deletions the swollen public gathering around their phones were told that this was going to be the cyber equivalent of god-like planetary vengeance themed around climate change. In a real world which most of us suckers live in 100% of the time, the end product is certainly confused enough to have religious parrallels, but carries with it little peril.

Perhaps this is a bit too flippant, as on 4ÆM the sci-fi breaks promise a storm of hyper activity, but much of the rest come across as ideas which have been cut and pasted into near-extinction. And as you also may have guessed by now, we’re still no closer to seeing the real Grimes stand up.

You can read the full review here.

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