100 Greatest Songs of the ’80’s #79 Lil’ Louis – French Kiss

Released : 1989

Dancing has been part of the human mating ritual for thousands of years, so if strutting it in a club was only the most recent installment of this peacocking, French Kiss at least innovated by cutting straight to the sex, mid track.

Few, if any, artists had ever tried to take the libidinous daydreams of men and women and turn them into an erotic hustle so graphically, the getting down cycle complete with orgasmic moans provided by different, erm, vocalists on the American and European mixes respectively.

But Marvin Burns as he’d been named had other ideas: nearly ten minutes long, he even allowed his monster brain child to pause half way through, before the wobbly tempo restarted and the pulsing beat headed to a climax. It wasn’t going to be there when you woke up in the morning, but French Kiss was a wild, sweaty ride you’d never forget.

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