Sheafs – Vox Pop EP review

There’s never been a more watched – or manipulated – generation than the one born this millennium but for Sheafs, a quintet from Sheffield for whom Vox Pop is their debut EP, this CCTV on their lives has just provided them with the ammo to shoot down the drones of cultural misanthropy.

They aren’t the first to snap back at the hands that think they feed them, but pleasingly this snotty bravado is squared by some snotty, excellent tunes, from Thinking Out Loud’s articulation of the obvious truths so many seek to ignore to Falling Apart’s dissection of the freakish pressures on people from being exposed 24 hours a day.

Vox Pop leaves some obvious things to work on – this frantic song cycle will need to find some more depth and structure over time – but for now it’s a howl worth making note of. The king is dead – but the kids don’t want his crown.

You can read the full review here.

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