100 Greatest Songs of the 1980’s #85 Sueño Latino – Sueño Latino

Released : 1989

Italo-House’s finest hour might’ve been Ride On Time, but it’s apex was Sueño Latino, a feature length classic modeled on E2-E4,  Ash Ra Tempel founder Manuel Göttsching’s sprawling, epic early waypoint for dance music’s impending evolution.

In the Mediterranean this meant time was finally up for disco, a movement which had clung on for far longer than in other regions; the usurper took it’s cues from the lush piano chords of Chicago but then upscaled it with the warmth, glamour and expression which had long been at the heart of Southern European clubbing.

Sueño Latino captures this feeling of romance and abandonment to the night perfectly, an almost never ending deep cut that sets listeners on a euphoric utopian dancefloor under a carpet of stars, complete with tropical birds, cowbells and a guitar strummed from heaven. Fantastica!

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