Caribou – Suddenly review

When a great philosopher (Probably) once said “I’ve got something for your mind, your body and your soul”. Dan Snaith was listening, or on Suddenly it feels like he did, as whilst club-orientated music is frequently derided as just a means to an end, the Canadian – already recognised as an A list producer – also reveals himself as a songwriter able to convey an emotional range far beyond the genre’s usual confines.

Snaith has also been honing his DJ chops under the Daphni moniker, his recent set for the Fabric series a Shazam-baffling turn that showcased a gift for splicing the unspliceable whilst keeping the energy in the redzone. Inevitably some of this beat mastery is transplanted onto Suddenly, where tracks like Never Come Back and Ravi are four to floor tough and perfect,  but it also boasts a pan that touches on dream-like IDM (Cloud Song), twisted R&B (New Jade) and even retro seventies pop (Magpie).

Tunes we have then, but lots of stuff has also been going on in the background since the last Caribou release Our Love – and not all of it has been good. This has made for plenty of lyrical introspection on divorce, parenthood and death, not subjects usually tackled in this field, but done so here with a mindful tenderness and bravery.

There you have it then: Suddenly has something for this, for that, and for the other, an album prepared to nourish every part of you whilst you dance until the lights come up.

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