The 100 Greatest Songs of the 1980’s – The Playlist #100 – #71

Over the year the list will be regularly updated. Find it without the blurb here.

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For all the nineteen eighties have been misrepresented, misunderstood and subsequently mined for profit, at least one aspect of the decade will always remain indisputable; during the most artistically diverse period in the history of the art form, if you didn’t like something you could rest assured that a new sound would be along at any minute.

The former executives at MTV might have you believe that this was somehow partially down to their evangelisation, but much of the era’s best music grew in the weeds, in fire hazard clubs or dingy recording studios. Of course drugs played a part – the pre-eminence of cocaine and ecstacy shaping the music their users made – but in reality the establishment became reflectors, not taste makers, as dozens of new underground scenes from thrash metal to acid house stole kids away from the mainstream.

In these circumstances compiling even a near definitive list of music culled from ten rabidly creative years is by definition impossible. The rules for this one are then necessarily simple: one song per artist. And that there are no other rules.

Here are the best songs of the 1980’s.

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