Talk Show – These People EP review

The luxury of hindsight is one that many people are bathing in now: Talk Show’s Harrison Swann wrote most of the songs which feature on These People whilst riding around on various modes of public transport, a freedom of movement which just a few months ago 2 billion citizens took for granted.

Talk Show share a label and have rubbed shoulders with some of the upcoming crop of artists which have been bending the idea of “Indie” music out of shape with such startling results over the last 18 months, but their approach is more orthodox. What  separates their mix of angular guitar work and post punk swagger is Swann’s voice, a rich, storytelling instrument by itself.

With lyrics grabbed from disparate sources – TV, social media, the chaos of found conversations –  songs like Stress prove that the quartet are another set of graduates from the class of 2019, ready to come out of lock down and ride some trains to anywhere.

You can read the full review here.

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