Blanketman – National Trust EP review

Written off in some quarters a few years ago – there’s even a lively and seemingly conjoined ongoing debate going on about the future of bands – Britain’s indie scene is despite the absence of a live scene, in rudely diverse health. Whether your listening poison is for example the abstract post-rock of Black Country, New Road or the more orthodox song-led approach of Talk Show, here is a movement determined collectively to prove that rumours of it’s demise are premature.

From Manchester, Blanketman are at the traditionalist end of the tunes matter spectrum, but whilst some of the heptet of songs that make up the National Trust EP are already familiar, they don’t lack either guile or smart touches. Waiting for anthem status at a toilet circuit venue near you for instance are the ramshackle Leave The South and it’s more urgent sounding twin Beach Body, whilst Harold nods ever so slightly to one of the city’s most treasured curmudgeons. Indie in crisis? What f****ng crisis, as Mark E. Smith would probably say.

You can read the full review here.

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