Jono McCleery releases lockdown recorded EP “Keep A Memory”

Long term favourite of the VoU Jono McCleery has been using his time in isolation to create a self produced EP of five new songs, and Keep  A Memory is out now.

Recorded at his makeshift home studio (a large shed with a garden) in Rotterdam, the singer says “I was desperate to do something creative during these lockdown times.  We have no electricity there so I brought with me a fully charged laptop each visit and recorded what I could, sometimes by candle light: using 1 mic to record my voice and guitar at the same time (and the birds singing outside). I only used what was around me, a bit of bass and shaker on 1 track, and occasionally my daughter’s mini piano”.

Each of the five songs are as minimally structured as the process suggests, but along with that voice, evocative of solitude, late nights and early mornings, the almost silence of skies without planes and the endless time to think that the era has gifted most of the planet.

Jono goes on “I had planned to name this EP after an old song of mine ‘A Little Out of Reach’ to represent the current times but it ended up feeling more positive than I expected, so I took the title from the first track which was written about my experience of reconnecting with nature and my family.”

You can stream Keep A Memory here.

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