Jono McCleery – Seeds of a Dandelion Review

There’s always a been a timeless quality to Jono McCleery’s music: blessed with a cracked, late night voice that could charm any bird from any tree, the London based artist has in the past mixed his own work with carefully chosen of covers, most notably Black’s Wonderful Life.

His fourth album, Seeds of a Dandelion is made up entirely of other people’s songs, but the test is far bolder than that sounds, with the ambitious selections ranging from works by Billie Holiday to Beyoncé. Working with a string section and a select group of musicians McCleery has created some bold and original takes on familiar and more obscure material from the great span of popular music, in turn making Seeds of a Dandelion a fascinating, if sometimes flawed collection.

Ingenue taken from the album is featured in the January playlist which can be found here and you can read the full review (At Contact Music) here.

Seeds of a Dandelion is released on January 26th on Counter Records (via Ninja Tune)


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