Jamie Webster – We Get By review

There are two Britains – one is the land we see when we open our curtains, a place where in general people get along, whatever their differences, and the other one, a virtual Britain in which people are obsessed with exploiting our fears for their own personal gain, Twitter trolls and Facebook Karens, pumping out lies to make themselves feel better about themselves.

Jamie Webster used to be an electrician in Liverpool before his songs began to chime with an increasingly large number of those who’re are looking for hope rather than just more hate-thy-neighbour, and We Get By is the distillation of his gentle nudges towards togetherness and community.

This wouldn’t be credible without empathy though and on We Get By he’s also smart enough to know that hiding behind technology to deliver his songs would be an act of betrayal; with the warmth of fellow scouser Mick Head but in possession of the melodic ear of Lee Mavers, on Down The Road, The Joker and Out On The Street the everyman philosophy collides perfectly with direct, hummable tunes made to be sung at a match – or a march.

Not many people are making music for this old Britain, the one we love and the one worth saving from the storm. We Get By reminds us that giving is better than receiving, Jamie Webster floating up the joy that comes when someone else’s anger is left to die.

You can read a full review here.


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