100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s #87 Elastica – Connection

Released: 1995

Whilst Britpop generally made a virtue of it’s over reliance on The Beatles, Scott Walker and Bowie as inspirational mainstays, Elastica chose to take their abstractions from punk, their female biased line up at least a partial nod to a time of rare inclusivity in rock’s cock dominated history.

Formed in 1992, recognition came at a dizzying pace for a band who initially saw themselves as more underground than Union Jack; their eponymous debut album outsold Oasis and contrary to Blur’s notable lack of traction in America, garnered critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.

Fame costs though – and in an era when the country’s tabloids viciously practiced their cycle of king making and breaking the quartet became almost as well known for their participation in the movement’s druggy breakdown as they were for singer Justine Frischmann’s fractious love triangle with Suede’s Brett Anderson and then Damon Albarn.

Rumours persisted that Albarn was a silent partner in the writing process, but if that was true then he was playing a blinder, as Connection gave witness to. Whilst it’s two finger synth intro was famously borrowed from Wire’s Three Girl Rhumba, the song’s robotic pogo-ability made it a staple at Poly Bops up and down the land and it retains a notable streaming half life beyond nearly all of it’s contemporaries. For the girls who like boys who like boys to be girls, it was a ballsy revelation.


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