100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s #100-#61

Th countdown continues. New songs now added to the playlist from The Beta Band, The KLF, Spiritualized, Mobb Deep, Shack, My Bloody Valentine, The Breeders, GZA and The Stone Roses.

Like the decade that preceded it, the 1990’s was a dazzling mosaic of invention, the last before technology punched a hole in the music industry’s business model so deep it would take 20 years to recover from. With music television enjoying the peak of it’s influence, style triumphed sometimes over substance, whilst an American invasion was repelled in Britain by a movement in thrall to the Kings Roads of 1967 and 1977 respectively.

Pleasing everyone is impossible and the incredible diversity of the 1990’s means that like no other time period in music history, a comprehensive list giving the right profile to every epic song that deserves it is a fool’s errand. Instead, enjoy a sliver of what it had to offer.

Get the playlist here.

Pic: Nogales, Mexico, October 1994.

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