Django Django – Glowing In The Dark review

Those of us sat inside with the just the news cycle for company at the moment might be forgiven for thinking that some kind of Armageddon had taken place beyond our windows; a quick wander outside however will reveal that the world has kept on turning and in some cases is doing very nicely thank you without homo sapiens running around on it and messing stuff up.

Musicians can sometimes be a little glass half empty – and with some justification given the issues caused by either Brexit or streaming, or both – but Django Django went into the process for following up 2018’s Marble Skies thinking more about firing listener’s imaginations. Bassist Jimmy Dixon has said “The lyrics are really about trying to be positive and focusing on the foundations of the things that everyone shares.”

In order to take people on the journey they feel we deserve, the quartet ambitiously imagine us ascending to some otherworldly plain on the indie disco of Spirals, whilst Charlotte Gainsbourg co-stars on Waking Up and Kick The Devil Out jams happily with an extrovert, funk-laden groove. Glowing In The Dark can’t solve all the world’s problems, but neither is it escapism for escapism’s sake. As trips go, it’s worth taking.

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